Raising Awareness in Glasgow

Many citizens aren’t aware of what they are entitled to and many problems go unheard of as others may not see it as a problem. However, we have teamed up with numerous companies to help advise Glaswegians and make their lives easier. If you require advice about employment, law and other rights, contact us.

Local Advertising Campaigns

At the Scottish Human Rights Centre, we have been aiming to promote our site and our message. We have heard amazing things about Exterion Media. They help many businesses to help raise awareness of their campaigns and messages, as well as working in England, they also work in Scotland including Glasgow.

Exterion Media are the market leader for outdoor advertising throughout numerous transport networks, including buses and railways. Over 2.8 million people in Scotland’s biggest cities, including Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh see their adverts every week. See: Advertising in Glasgow.

Their dedicated teams has helped us to understand the local people of Glasgow and how the media presented from Exterion Media will help to attract them to many businesses. As the average bus travels over 700 miles every week, it is sure that any advertising message will meet different audiences every day.

Educational Events

Numerous events have been held at Patrick Burgh Halls in Glasgow to help promote awareness for human rights in Scotland. Many have promoted this event on numerous social media sites.

Here businesses have had talks, booths and stands where people could receive advice on areas where they felt they were misleading their rights, this included employment rights. Click here for more information.